I need spinning in the sun and laughing really really hard. I need desire. I need to be told brave true words. I need myself. I need my voice. I need a partner who will giggle with me and cherish me to my bones. I need real genuineness. And I need strength. Strength to trust and let down the ropes. I need honest dinner time talking. I need loving gestures and lots of drawing on the walls. I need to be met half way. I need to feel needed. I need to surrender. I need to feel heard. I need real kindness and a love that glows brightly. I want to hear music with my eyes closed and dig my toes into the sand laughing and dancing. I want to climb to the summit and yell. I want to laugh my head off. I want to take care of my one and only. I want to sleep in and eat pancakes in bed with strawberries and whipped cream. Spill coffee and wear black lace. I want to trip holding your hand because I am listening so closely. I want a painting room. I want great playlists and backyard wine drinking with music coming from guitars and soft voices. I don’t want to live the way grownups do. I want to live with the stars and blankets like the way of the fort. I want to live with the stars and moonlight. I want a picture of us kissing in every city in the world. Deep breath, hold still.

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The sad part is, once you finally let someone have you, they stop doing what it took to get you.

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"If it felt like love, then it was. The perspective you have now doesn’t change the feelings you had then."

She wanted to be a comet, instead of a lighthouse. She wanted to be an eternal fiery ball of hope, instead of just a beacon slowly beaming in the night. She wanted to be a fallen star, a beautiful ball of ice, instead of something to depend on, something stuck to the shore, waves crashing down on her day after day. Because she knew deep down she could never live a life that wasn’t what she had already been chosen for. But as much as that thought brought peace, it brought sorrow. And if all her days would be a reminder of how short her life would be, at least flying through the cosmos she would be content with who she really was: a shadow that only came around once every 9 years.
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